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Healing has helped me address my fears of failure...

​I grew up in a single-parent family home in the Sulphur Springs area located in Tampa, FL in the 90s with my mother and three older sisters. Like other single-family households, there was an overwhelming amount of stress on my mother who cared for her children independently while working multiple jobs. We were subjected to the environment around us, even though I did not always make the best choices for myself. I did receive my high school diploma. I chose to start a family at a young age. I was working at a foster care agency as a transporter at that time when my supervisor recommended that I should go to college to get my degree. I took his advice and went to college where I received a bachelor’s degree. I have worked in the field of social services for over 20 years. Eventually, I started working as a support coordinator with people who have disabilities on a Medicaid waiver program in Florida. As a support coordinator, it was my responsibility to help my clients through advocating for their rights and services to aid them in independent living and resources they needed to live in community-based living which additionally helped to avoid institutionalized care for people who have disabilities. At that time, I had a supervisor who helped me by educating me in the field with an extensive amount of knowledge that I applied in my position and became a heavily sought after support coordinator in the Tampa Bay area. When I was ready to venture out independently, my supervisor helped me to establish a caseload of clients where I began my journey in having my first successful business. Life coaching came as a complimentary service to my clients when I provided support coordination, as each client was unique and required a person-centered approach towards their goals according to their circumstances. Eventually, I merged with business partners and hired employees to form a larger company completing the support coordination same tasks with a larger client base. In 2022, I began to heavily reflect on my spiritual path. I had abandoned my spiritual path because some events that I experienced had instilled fear within me. Repetitive thoughts and the sadness of abandoning my spiritual path grew strong so to revisit it by addressing the fear and sought help. I met Victoria who helped me become aware of unhealed wounds that connected to my spiritual alignment. I decided to sign up for the Awakening the Healer program that Victoria offers where she helped me through past life regression to address issues that I was not aware existed. As a result, I have stepped into spiritual authenticity, conquered my fears of the dark, fears of rejection, repaired intimate relationships with others, and have become fully knowledgeable and established a relationship with my ancestors and spirit team. I made a conscious decision to leave the world of support coordination and have started my new journey as a life coach to vulnerable/incarcerated populations. I am in the process of creating extensive, step-by-step help videos for these populations to have access to aid them in creating and pursuing their goals. For individuals that need additional help, I offer one-on-one services where they can locate me using my website to schedule a zoom meeting. Healing has helped me address my fears of failure by taking a chance and by starting a new business. It has helped me to speak up respectfully for what I believe in. Healing has helped me connect closer with my family and friends and has helped me form new relationships with friends who share a similar spiritual experience and provide a supportive environment. I am filled with gratitude to have healed so many parts of myself that I had no knowledge that affected me from starting this new rewarding chapter in my life.


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First, I'm a say is that she has a wonderful and warm soul. She was always there for me no matter how many mistakes I made in life. She is a very great woman who always gave me great advice, and I appreciate her! I also see her as a mom to I felt safe and know I could go to her about anything ! Thank you for being there for me❤️

Denise T.

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